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NYC Club Event & Party Entry


Come and party on behalf of the live from da T.r.a.p camp. With help from & Sooperstar management and other Whole Companies. We can provide you with access to discounts and even more discounts for our members. These are real parties with an artist, celebrities, athletes, porn stars, & of course the New York city independent bartenders & strippers for as low as $20 and $10 ahead. The Sooperstar management team has opened club doors for Hot97 & Power 105.1 DJ's an personalities as well as Love & Hip-hop. The main party Nights are on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesday's but we have access for all 7 days of the week. We also have our Eventbright accessible for all normal parties and event-goers. Normally NYC Hip-hop parties and events with artists usually cost goers up to $35 to 40 dollars at the door and well over $70 for a major artist event without a reservation. You may reserve your place with us here or on our Eventbrite. But stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook pages, or Eventbright Organizer Profile link below for more info.


Celebrate your Birthday like a Boss for free on us!


 When you see that we are a well-orchestrated conglomerate of street people you will realize why you've made it this far. Most people want to party and have fun and others want to perform, but all meet at the same places. We here at Live from da T.r.a.p. have for you like no other, exclusive birthday packages for any male or female ages 21 and over-celebrating a birthday!
In most cases,
Our normal Birthday Package includes
1. FREE Unlimited GuestList 
2. FREE Bottle of Champagne 
3. FREE Food Platter 
4. FREE Flavored Hookah 
5. FREE Birthday Flyer 
6. FREE VIP Table 
7. FREE Social media blast

So if you are a male, we will fill your party up with girls!!! And if you are a woman we will fill your party with men, not children! We specialize in grown & sexy affairs with the likes of radio, and television bosses on deck.
We also follow the dress code unless the party is 100% Hip hop orientated.
But if you choose, you may have a party full of your people only with the normal club staff to attend. But normally, most Birthday parties are open to the paying public.
Contact us for Info!!

The Kings Theater Flatbus Brooklyn
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