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you know i be on my gangsta journalism shit so bare with me. We are also Hiring Writers, Host, Video bloggers, Models, Strippers for the clubs, Video editors and Cam models. We have a physical studio for use for shows

Live from da T.r.a.p No Mercy 2023 Update

In this small section, you might catch Skanky Live Freestyle rapping & playing some video games for sport or money. This idea I credit to my logo maker Black skank, the inner child of Skank Dollar II. This section is for my fans who grew up playing fighting and sports games. High school cut parties or all-girl cam show parties can come to hang out. We are using the streaming platform here. But also being streaming to over 11 networks right now to begin.  LIVE FROM DA T.R.A.P! 

Story Mode Update: After some odd years @SkankDollar II or S.dollar Day has gone to the Top of The Digital Drug game From partying at his Los santos Night club Galaxy phone To hanging with some of The Gaming industries elite like B.Boy Ryu, And a Resurrected Joel from the last of us. He's informed by another that he has emersed himself in the Commercial as hell, world of the oasis, The Gaming Matrix. Since his Jumanji like experience Skank, Now S.Dollar day according to @RockstarGames Returns from 2018 with his trusty 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlas Supreme Vigaro "Bettsy" to flex his  moniker and movement all over the gaming world as he see's fit. Since his 2022 resurgence, He's met the likes of Scott Storch, Willow Nightingale, Model Tai Emery, as well as various adult stars altho this is not a pornsite, just really sexcy as big s says, Dmx (Rip), Fat Joe, Mia Yim, and many others, But a lot of Lady Wrestlers... So Dollarday forms No Mercy 22! A Titlematch Network inspired All Female Multifaceted, Multi-Branded, Multi-player, Multi-Gaming Wrestling experience That is NSFW or, Not safe for Work (18+ Only). Below you'll find some Modded gaming Video's inwhich is S. Dollarday Target for fun, But his real intention is the rap Glory path he was on in 2017 before being Derailed by Hip hop police. Now 2023, a full year-in + from 2022 we give you an update. 2023 makes for 50 years of Hip hop, what better time to earn a right to celebrate Musically. So he can save his REAL friends and family. Join in on the Fun Via The Sapiosexual Network, our opinionated News message board with links. And even ways to earn some $$$! to be clear, A Sapiosexual is a person attracted to intelligent people. Press start! And Check back here as well for Updates.

The Official Live from da T.r.a.p Live stream. Remember we are "Live" from da T.r.a.p, not the trap! +18 Only!

Legitimitly Quit Smoking Drug and Chemical free like me because i quit with a 90% Success rate! Literally what i did to stop smoking Cigerettes. Leave a $50 deposit for your slot if you do it with Skank Dollar | Live from da T.r.a.p.Com

So ok Surfers, you may have noticed my accessive smoking during my freestyle rap show. It's a habit i picked up at 17 and now almost 20 years later i'm calling it quits finally. I knew i was gonna do it eventually AS i smoked. I read on Google that if you quit smoking by the age of 40 you can reduce the risk of death by 90 percent. If you quit before 30 it will reduce the risk of death by 97 percent man.... Now IRONICALLY, you have a 90 percent success rate hanging over your head when you do the Abrahamson Method by The Abrahamson Center. So YES THIS IS SKANK DOLLAR II Co-Signing The Abrahamson Center Statewide. Ciggerettes are not meant for us. Weed maybe but not Cancer sticks son.

I will try to give you the most important information and if you have more questions I would love to answer. 

The price for treatment to quit smoking costs $750. The treatment takes 1 hour and half. In the first part of the treatment, the therapist will talk with you about the effects of the treatment and the cleansing process. After the talk, you will receive a healing treatment. The treatment works on your Aura (electromagnetic field) and numbs your desire and cravings for smoking!

We have a 90% success rate after one treatment!


If you are in the 10% of those that didn't succeed after one treatment, 

you have a one year warranty and can return for reinforcement treatments as needed!


As part of the treatment, you will have follow-up with a wellness coach on the phone who 

accompanies you for a whole year, assisting you in transitioning into a healthy lifestyle.

We are here to support you and help you succeed throughout your process!

The center has been in business for 38 years now.


For more information please contact me Skanky at +3476382422 on WhatsApp as seen on our Warning page. 

The Incarsarated scarfaces of Hip hop 2022

Rappers going to jail these days seems to be a normal. If not for the sevarity of there charges i'd a thought it was a record company tacttic. But that is not the case. Rappers like Max B, B.G. and C murder are still facing undone time. A few years ago, i wrote to Max B, for all ya'll that hear me saying "Wave" or "Wavy" during the show. Yes like you, i was a fan as well. So i let the boss don Biggaveli know how i felt. I don't remember what i wrote but i was tight the music stopped. One of my favorite and original sayings "Surf" is derived from the "Wave" and "Wavy" slang terminolgy. Yes i am that creative. Unfortunatly my original instagram where i would prove that was hacked a few days ago, showing my post with Erica Mena where i said it back in 2014. Shit i was saying it before that. Before young thug and all these industry cats honest to god. A though while i was in my bedroom after making my then wifey cream her self to sleep. #Surf! I also tried to write to DMX back when he was alive in jail for that one year. And to keep shit funky, i'm gonna write to more rappers in time. Just to let them know that they ain't missing nothing out here. I was gonna put they information up so you can too, but I can only hold your hand for so long my nigga... lets look at some of the more recent incarcerations as of late. And let us not forget that, niggas may ride with you, but they will not do the time with you in the end.  

Hip hop Legend Dj Kay Slay The Drama King Passes away at 54 of Covid - 19 complications Easter Sunday 2022

So the unthinkable has happened. The whole Rap Game in itself is totally devastated by the loss of the pioneering Hip hop legend Dj Kay Slay. I can honestly say that i feared this the most when I got news of his covid diagnosis. The way the rap game is changing, Kay Slay was the guy that brought it back home by showcasing Rap's Top lyricist. Apart from my dream was to be featured on a straight Stunning magazine cover. After meeting him a few years back, i knew the path to StreetSweepers Radio was unlocked for sure. On top of that, I am an indie nigga too Ju heard. But this isn't about me.. This is about the current state of Gangsta rap, Trap music, Drill, & Hip hop. With the drama king gone, the moreless oppressive mechanics of the system can now rain down on hip hop... My nigga this shit is getting GAYER and GAYER by the year. Wtf, even talking like this would hurt an indie like me, but Slay would've given me 5 mins to rock I promise you. It feels like when skank passed a lil bit man. Like, it feels kinda hopeless, like i should give up now. But I urge you all not to give up. If i gave up now, people would put that type of shit in your face on television way more. But this is the world wide internet. It's stronger than television in a sense. What hurts my heart more was that the service of the OG was not made public for his fans to view, although many people found out where and pulled up, they still could not view the body. And out of respect for the OG, I wouldn't want to anyway. I just hope that by the time my time comes I will have an impact in all forms of rap like my name Kieth Grayson. Rest in Power King.

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The Skank Dollar | Live from da T.r.a.p Network (Silk Road/The Garden of Eden)

250 Rappers that died in 2021 ( Continued from Below)

Well, this is video is only one month old. And like the previous video's on the subject, it shows us all of the deceased rappers in American and Latin Hip hop. The number of deaths has reached a staggering 250 mark. In all honesty, there may be more. Now I know the Pain of a dead with my big brother Skank Dollar of whom I get my title. I also know the pain of a death in hip hop being a B.I.G. & 2Pac fan as a kid from even to my adulthood getting an autograph from Prodigy of Mobb Deep 2 weeks before his passing as well as Short Instagram Convo's with the Yonkers NY legend DMX. Now I'm not the only guys these Legends have come into contact with but it means a lot to me knowing I come from nearly nothing. Without their music I might not be as nice as I am today RNS. below you can see both gentlemen on my favorite rappers list. But with the deaths in 2021 along with the deaths in 2020. It leaves us with a 450 Totality. That's fucking crazy man. Like back in the day after the deaths of Big and Pac, When a rapper would die (Likely an underground/Independent artist, people would be so numb and null from their actual hero's dying in the music they would be like "So, niggas die every day in the hood" feeling that the media would not give there friends or fellow M.C's the respect of reporting on there passing. But in these cases as of late, the media would only report on the deaths of the more mainstream artist. Likely lead people to react the same way in 2022. So with this list being posted here on my site, maybe as I grow commercially if ever, the media can take heed of their actions in the past as they read this short article. And if the media never does, then I'm sure rebels like the gentleman narrating this video will take it upon their selves to take note of the issue. So Rest in peace to all 450 hip hop artists in the past 2 years again from me. A lot of these artists had video's, but imagine the ones who didn't. It's amazing how hip-hop media ignores artist like these until they die. And what I am saying with this alone is that they didn't even grant a majority of these artists the courtesy of a news story. But imagine 2021, the creator says a rapper was killed every 35 minutes or so in 2021. Every few posts on your social network is a rapper. Rap is the biggest genre not only in America but the world now. I not only believe that the system aims to tame Rap & Hip hop as a whole, but I believe some of these artists were targeted for various reasons I won't go into now but surely when I am Life from da T.r.a.p. For instance, take my big brother Skank Dollar out of Flatbush Brooklyn. Skank was a basketball player turned drug dealer apart of a coalition of drug dealers who'd move mostly alone. One day on Caton an Ocean Avenue in Flatbush Brooklyn, he was crossing the street when a runaway Mack Truck with a trailer speeding down caton avenue (The only road in the area that allowed such vehicles) would collide with a smaller Suv, and then both would collide with a young Skank crossing the street but in shock from the accident unfolding before him. Upon collision, Skank would fly through a building gate and into a tree. What shocked everyone who had heard about the accident is that after some time in the hospital skank would recover with some broken bones and a punctured kidney. After this accident Stanley "Skank Dollar" Miot would walk to earth for 2 years more. Even my Laundromat boy producer Fusha da Future would recall the scene of the accident to me since he lived on the same corner but across the street. During his time alive my brother would seek legal action and be on the verge of being awarded up to 1 Million dollars from the trucking company that made this extremely huge mistake.So just in case your wonder what is my "Skank Dollar ll" motivation then you have a general idea now. As skank waited for his settlement to unfold, Skank would head back into the streets after recovering. This time around he would have a net worth over 500k maybe more, I'm not too sure but knowing his lawyer assured them of their victory. I mean, he was supposed to be dead ya know? Knowing he was now worth more overall, he would get early checks from his lawyer as the lawyer we set clear on winning the case. He's done things like buying pounds of weed and supply as much of the neighborhood as possible. Some guys from our hood can tell you the story of a skank picking up Knots of money from different hustlers weekly. Skank would be so confident, that he even purchased a somewhat mack truck of his own as opposed to just a simple car or truck, though he had those as well, parking the truck in front of the ocean view grocery store on Church avenue an Ocean. So with this, you would see his confidence at anall-timee high. But due to his ongoingbeefs with local hustlers, and his kidney suffering massive damage, he would pass 2 years later as I explained. I always felt like there were forces that watched my brother because his story was evening news material and yet nobody heard anything. This is why the "Skank Dollar" Stor is a Flatbush Brooklyn story as opposed to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn. At least in my eyes..... The stories vary in my hood and I alone can't even tell you them all. You'd have to do your research. But my point is that artists have it the hardest and all we look to do is entertain people. Look at me, I'm an artist but I do so much to show you that I am an artist, your not gonna believe that I am one for real, or that I can even really do it. I honestly fear a fate similar to MF Doom being one of the greatest underground artists of all time, but only being recognized by media after his death. Doom is also one of the 450 as well. So to prevent this, I show you my reason for being... If I didn't see that my brother could even make this happen I would have never tried. Later down the line, if you ever want to beef with me, don't use my brother as a topic like a coward, as you can see I acknowledge most if not all fallen rappers. Because I want fans that we're the type of fan I was. Please respect the dead, because you will die someday for sure. Please respect the dead because Multimedia and hip hop media don't. 


Skank Dollar's Top 25 Wrestlers of All time

1. Stone cold Steve Austin 

2. Tripe H

3. The Rock

4. Ric flair 

5. Hulk Hogan 

6. John Cena 

7. CM punk

8. The Undertaker 

9. Brock lesner 

10. Rey mysterio 

11. Goldberg 

12. Roman reigns 

13. Bobby Lashley 

14. Charollet flair 

15. Sandman 

16. Shawn micheals

17. Randy Orton

18. The ultimate warrior

19. Kevin Nash/Diesel 

20. The macho man

21. Scott hall/Razor Ramone 

22. Chris Jericho 

23. Bret the hitman heart 

24. Nia jaxx

25. Taz



Honorable mentions 



Bianca Belair 

Kenny omega 


Jeff hardy 


The million dollar man 


Kane (masked)

Beth phoenix 

Mark Henry 

A.j. styles 


Lex lugar 



Christian cage 

Seth rolins 

Billy Kidman 


Juventude Guerra 

Eddie gerrero

Chris Benoit 

Booker T

Diamond Dallas page

Big E 

Paul wright/Big show 

Trish stratus 

Sasha banks 

Jake the snake Roberts 

Bob backland 


The hurricane 

Rob van damn 


Matt hardey 



Kevin owens 

Finn balor 

Jimmy shunka 

Arn Anderson 




Skank Dollar's Top 25 Wrestling Tag Teams of All time

1. Degeneration X/ The new age outlaws

2. The NWO Wolfpack

3. Cryme Time 

4. The mega-powers 

5. The NWO black & white

6. The heart foundation 

7.  Kane & The Undertaker 

8.  The Apa

9.  Harlem heat 

10. The Road warriors 

11. The dudley boyz 

12. Edge & Christian 

13. The hardey boyz 

14. The four horseman 

15. Rob van dam & sabu 

16. The stiener Brothers 

17. Beer money 

18. The nation of domination 

19. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Hass 

20. The Rock & Stonecold 

21. Evolution 

22. RK-BRO 

23. Nia jaxx & Shana bazzeler 

24. Too cool 

25. The new day 




Honorable mentions 




Sasha banks & Bianca Belair 

The street profits 

Robert rude & Dolph ziggler 

Aj styles & omos/ The OC 

Fetishes Turn offs and Turn ons *Women only*

So since I've been single I've come to take it as a good thing as opposed to a major letdown. Like after some experience in relationships you grow tired of silly games and such. You may begin to celebrate your singlehood. No lie, I swear to me I'm happy loving myself and pursuing my dreams. Now do I want a woman, yes of course I do. But do I want a relationship? Well, I do but chasing it has gotten old for me. Like I don't mind being friends with a woman and seeing where things will end up as a result.
Besides man... Bitches have so much to unfold on you sometimes that being a friend you might take the news better. Like if your a boyfriend and your girl tell you some shit like "Yea they used to call me Haitian Lil Kim" your not gonna take it well. And yes a bitch told me that shit long after I blazed her and got close.
Like ion gon front, I'm not exactly a lover boy so I ain't have a thousand women in my life like some niggas. But the simple number I reached has me chilling the fuck out man. First off, if it matters I mean, my zodiac sign is terrible with long-lasting relationships. Look it up go ahead. The Aries is a fire sign  We crave attention and grow tired easily if we are not the focal point of your attention. Seriously this is all in books. So yeah I've had some bad bitches, some regular bitches, and some ugly bitches with good pussy. And nothing lasted more than 2 years.
Ok, I know that's bad as shit, especially if I want pussy ever again in my life but me being real is why you are here. Monogamy isn't my problem. It's the belief of such. I've caught women in all kinds of lies before. So when somebody says "I love you Chris" it goes in one ear and out the other for me because I've gone through it plenty before. You gotta actually show me you love me. Not just say you love me.
And no matter how good your sex game is, how much money you make, or how good you treat a woman while living up to her standards, she will still fuck the next nigga given the right circumstances. I'm lying I'm flying man.
I not only know this to be facts but I've been on both sides of the adultery or the infidelity. Both sides of it like I was the Playa and the sucka before. Now if God is shining a light on you, you'll find you a woman so perfect, she will chase women with you. Like I thought I had that once too but after the threesome, she still felt away. Ya, see that's the thing about a woman. They're not exactly sure what they want until they finally get it. And once they get it, it's still up in the air.
You ever had a girl you thought would never leave? My nigga she will fucking leave these days. Faster than ever. For one, 90% of today's American women are gay or gay supporting. Like you know, bisexual women. That's not my issue, even if you leave me for a bitch.
I just have trust issues and I need you to help me work through them. Like once I believe a woman is capable of decite then it's downhill from there.
So if I ever become successful in this rap stuff, I'll probably never get married. It's not my fault though. I've been hurt so bad before that I've grown numb. After a while, you just don't feel anything anymore. You'd rather protect your heart than get hurt again.
I love women. So much that I don't mind spending money on them or going out of my way to make you feel special. But being single was such an eye-opener for me. Like currently I'm awful in my book. I'm not chasing as I should because I'm more focused on growing a buzz whether that be underground or mainstream. Like I'm more focused on making music than getting my dick sucked. That's fucking crazy yo. Plus to the average typical modern woman. Rap is a fucking fantasy no matter how good you are at it.
So yeah "You mean to tell me you believe in yourself that much Chris?" Yes! Yes, I motherfucking do. Now the title of this is a little twisted based on what you just read. But I wanted any woman reading this to have a clear understanding of where I'm coming from. And besides that, women love to read so... lol.
Yes, I know bitches that well. I was raised by woman. Shit all the men left.
So here it's my small list of requirements. It's not that bad really. I won't take anything but you gotta be straight up fugly for me not to give you a chance.

*Subject to change*

Turn on's

Women who moan while giving head
Most Asian women
Slim thick women
Chubby women/Some bbw's
White nails and toes
High heels during sex and everything else(ex: Cooking)
Muslim women sex
Busty women
Some cougars
Conversation (actually talking to each other)

Short women/Petite women

Meet ups

Going to a strip club together

Building roof top sex

Sex in your man/husband's bed

Trap Bitches

Pregnant women sex (Don't knock it until you tried it)

Independent women/Boss bitches/Business owners (There's nothing like a woman who got her own, this way you'll know if she likes you for you.)

Rap Bitches (Most of the time there not wifey material, but the pussy be fire though. Imagine a song about her only she's knew was about her and vice versa?)

Fitness women/athletic women

Gamer girls


Watching porn together

Foreign women

Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, libra, Aquarius, & pisces women.

Virgins (Which is virtually immpossible in today's time)

Women who own up to there sexual past.

Bi-sexual women

Ages 18 to 50 ( yes i've fucked elderly women before, I'm talking grey pussy hair an all)

A woman who can match my energy. (Spiritual, Sexual, Mental, Physical.)

sex workers (less talk, just getting to the point)

My prefference in normal women, non sex workers

Women i grew up with/went to school with

Can you match my energy?

Turn off's

Broke bitches
Catfish (IDC how good you look)
Sloppy fat women

Women with to many male friends

Women with to many gay friends (Men)
Extremely skinny women, no correction, flat chested bitches. Want some tities, fuck with Live from da T.r.a.p, we'll raise the money together. #Surf
Children ( Not you having children, I mean actual children who offer sex, like teenagers. This site is not for you despite what you see)
Texting without the possibility to ever meet up. (If that is your intention, then concluded all coversations with me because i will ask.)
Boring women

Women who ask for money (I know you sometimes need money so when you ask it turns me off quickly.)

Women who don't do video calls. (So how the fuck am i supposed to know your the real woman in your photo's I'm talking to? GTFOH)

Dick pics ( no i'm not sending you any, ive sent catfish google pictures before. Fuck outta hea, you'll see it when we meet in person.) 

Transgender women (Sorry, i'm not sorry, I gotta be myself)

Women who think I am only about sex

Women who lack ambition/lazy women 

The Club PSA

Sup people. So I wanted to make things easier for you since you were cool enough to come here. But the point of this space is for me to quickly explain why you should not be discouraged when your looking at the internet  like or where ever you basically follow clubs, dancers, bartenders, and of course club promoters. You ever look at promoters and seen them dropping flyers on their gram and there seems to be little to no real action? Comments, likes, etc?
Well, I've long come to the simple conclusion that pretty much every or most of every music entertainment personal or personality is tremendously blackballed. Like some of the biggest people in New York have no  following digitally. But being in clubs year long and coming across filled up spots every night keeps them buzzing. So the pages are terrible but the clubs are full every night. Don't get me wrong, there were clubs long before social media and search engines. But clubs close randomly all the damn time. And yes without the internet you wouldn't even know. Today, a person's very first instinct is to look something up now. Or to purchase something via the internet. So your gonna tell me that your not gonna look for an address if you feel like going out first? Do a quick search? Of course, you are. Promoters are where people go first naturally but like the social pages of the actual businesses or clubs suffer in numbers. Some people rely So much on internet numbers that they'll turn away and not visit that particular club they're looking at. But what happens is most people just go to the spot like we are programmed to do. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you don't RSVP you will stand in lines and you will be in the middle of mother fuckers all night. Now honestly, I stayed away from the club all summer knowing I planned to be there, but due to the widespread of Covid-19 I wasn't taking any chances. And if you weren't I don't blame you.
News media outlets weren't exactly sure what to say about its growth and separation into other forms of the virus.
So I never got enough answers about it. And well because the job that isn't much of a job to me is something I do because I enjoy it. I get to bring some life into someone's night like I get to do with music.
I promise you... if I'm wrong after 3 or 4 years of seeing this shit hands-on then disregard all of this. Personality this is a side hustle and I only put as much attention into it as I receive back. So basically if you don't contact me then I'm not making much effort to party every night! It's expensive and exhausting. It's fun yes but it's still that.
Honestly, you have no clue what I could do for you until you contact me. I made that very easy to do. So yes hit me on WhatsApp app because it's as big as Facebook and Instagram and I'm sure you have it. I'm confident in you.  

Catfish all from the same catfishing site

Welp, I've decided to add some of the catfish I've encountered roaming around this very funny style social network. I have yet to report them all because I don't have all the time. but maybe you can alert the women on your own. Right now I list only 9 but I encounter them every day in this network so I'm kinda wondering why should I bother anymore. Like the signs of a catfish on this network are obvious. One is that there are no real models on this network unless they go live daily. That's the only way to know. Next, you should always look to engage live with the person you talking to whether it be via video call or phone call. Don't let people fool you or hit you across the head. I just canceled about 8 Asian women who not only refused to call or video, but some even had similar excuses why not to. People will look at your age and think your gonna be desperate, which is sad as shit if you ask me. Because a guy like me is more cautious than desperate. I'm not only watching out for the same sex scenarios but for dirty STD having women. which is devastating in today's time.
So after being off the grid for two years just to come back to the internet to be scammed is a fucking bummer man. But it only took a short time for me to counteract the personal cyber terrorism I was facing. Go up and hit the tab that leads to my network for some tricks of the trade against catfish. I said catfish, not desperate housewives, ugly women, or desperate gay people. That's fucking bugged out because you have so many gay people just like you to chase, why bother regular people? Your gonna get your feelings hurt badly if not in the physical.

So check this shit the fuck out. Look at some of the women these weirdos used? there mostly porn stars
People think rappers have it easy but that's not true at all
You wouldn't believe all the Fed watch I've detected on my own and I haven't done a legitimate crime in years. I'm a motherfucking entertainer, of course, I talk negatively, I celebrate violence and drugs like the thousands of actors do every day. How is my form of making a living any different? I'm lucky my groupies are digital as scammers and not in the physical right now. 

But to show you how real it is I will be adding to this list as time passes. But I also plan to sever my ties with that website and all social networks in general. I already told the internet I'm a rapper/artist so I got all kinds of bad mojo on me. It's not the same for everyone. I gotta work my ass off to get an average bitch man. shit's bugged out. If not for my reverse image search app I would've sent these women bands not knowing and thinking shit was real. Be careful out in cyberspace my surfers. Go to my network link and use the tools!.

1. Jerry Layla Angelina = Layla samylle

(Might still be a Catfish) 
2. Joyce Smith = Natalie Elisabeth 
3. Jessica Smith = Danni abbey brooks 
4. Angela white = Sabrina Nicole 
5. Anita tom = Bryci Zebra
6. Regina tracy filippo = Lauren Tappan 
7. Elisabeth Williams = Karlee grey
8. Stella = Nikki Benz 
9. Diana anny = Lisa martiz

Learning from the mistakes of other rappers in rap

1. No lean codeine or promethazine or pills of any kind (all them shits)
2. No social networking at least not by you in the physical 
3. Travel in packs 
4. Lil to no jewelry unless at events 
5. No IG models. all have OF or prostitutes (Britney Renner type bitches) 
6. No stage diving with jewelry on
7. Never leave your jewelry unattended to (hotels, bitch crib, etc)
8. No Vlad tv (like at all!! even if he pays and he won't) 
9. No gang affiliation (can't buy legal guns)
10. Do not voice your opinions on LGBT publicly (radio shows, media outlets, reality tv) 
11. Not too much conspiracy rap/political views (Lil to none, you want to make money don't you?)
12. Do not wife white women. Just fuck em
13. NO HAITIAN WOMEN (personal experiences)
14. Condoms, condoms, condoms, no matter how convincing she is or how long you been together (very difficult)
15. Make sure your engineer creates a tv track after every recording 
16. No female rappers (yeah I know they look good Chris but no!)
17. Do not rap over your song at shows (see #15)
18. You can harmonize but try not to sing the whole track. Or have too many singing tracks (You want hip hop heads respect too)
19. No payola 
20. Mind yo mother fuckin business! (Keep your opinions to yourself)
21. all rap groups break up except like 2 may be out of 200. (The lox, Migos)
22. Do not believe any woman from a social network you can't talk to or see in the physical (catfishing/ scammers/hermaphrodites/shemales) see #2 
23. If your going to court or on probation do not post activity on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
24. To copy once or twice is flattery, but to keep on doing it, is definitely biting .

Sex work (prostitution) is offcially legal in NYC (manhattan only)

Well, I didn't believe this but it appears that sex work or aka prostitution is legal in the New York boro of Manhattan. Well after reading some articles, it's not completely decriminalized yet but very close. I don't know what this means for the future. It's either gonna get better or worse. But the Manhattan DA office says that they are no longer prosecuting the action. That was in April 2021, I don't know where they are now. After a Google search, I see that prostitution is a class b misdemeanor, punishable by up to three months in jail and a fine of up to $500. It also says new york has laws against buying and selling sex. Which is bananas because sex is sold all over the internet. So no ladies despite my Instagram post it is not legal as of yet, but you can tell it will be soon. But,(keynote) it says Manhattan will not prosecute people for prostitution and unlicensed massage (Happy endings, etc). So yes, in Manhattan it is legal, but not all of NYC. So don't be a pussy and come to New York and get ya chicken up you heard! Surf on surfers, I already know I'm wild ignorant, you ain't gotta tell me! 

Where and how to watch Live from da T.r.a.p.

Ok, here we go! If you'd like to watch the underground phenomenon that is Live from da T.r.a.p. you have to follow me on Instagram @skankdollar or hit this link you don't have to follow me because the page is public but I would appreciate it. If you don't have Instagram which I doubt highly, you can watch me go live on tagged as well. Follow this link to my tagged page #1 although the #2 page has more people, the #1 page is the one I am most active on. I would go live on onlyfans as well for the freaks, well see. I could simply go live here on my site as well but I'm saving that for a better time unless Instagram/tagged starts buggin. The biggest catfishing site ever.

Although now turned up with live streaming. is a social network probably worse than Facebook. Its literally full of spam, gay people, prostitutes and catfish. Back in the 2000's I got a lot of pussy off of it. But today it's in shambles. Even when your a premium customer it's still bad. Honestly I find it awkward that regular average Joes, nobody's tend to have up to hundreds or thousands of viewers. But an artist like my self may rangle up two the most. There must be a conspiracy going on Honestly. So in the past 2 months I've encountered up to 10 catfish. That's terrible.  They're all the same. They say there phone is broke and they need to fix it. They cannot call and they always ask for money before even meeting you. Before a phonecall even. I just began livestream my freestyle show on it as a test an the most viewers I got so far was 2. Atleast on Instagram I got about 110. The people who do the catfishing use the most ridiculous aliases. Luckily for me I have my reverse image search app on deck so I pretty much catch every faggot in the middle of there scam. That's how I know. I will share the app in my network soon for my real fans. The other thing I do is I report them to the FBI romance scams section. Just Google how to report catfishing. So really one catfish got some passwords for me. An expired debit card number an even my social security number. Which means basically nothing to a real nigga. Maybe a scam nigga but not a real nigga. In the cut I have my very own professional hacker as well able to track the hackers down to there actual locations so I can report them to the police. Here's some honest truth. Don't send no woman money! None! If she likes you she will go out her way for you.

Even bitches that claim to be looking for sugar babies are liars and will eventually ask you for money. Don't do it! They will ask for gift cards as a currency or cashapp. Don't fall for it surfers. I almost did an would've lost everything probably.  Now I'm dangerous on the social networking scene. You see the internet and conglomerates want you to pay for love but real people know better. So yea take my help with sites like and follow through by going to my network link where you will find all the tools you can use against catfish. I deal with real people so I'm not having that shit. Stay up an stay tuned surfers! Live from da T.r.a.p!

Skank Dollar's Top 25 Disclaimer

Ok before you criticize my list I must remind you that I am an 80's baby that grew up in the '90s and 2000s. So if you're expecting me to have a bunch of lilies or a bunch of babies up here my bad. But I do challenge you to match my list with an even greater one. You see folks this is a safety challenge as opposed to walking on crates (LMFAO), getting covered in ice water, or wild imitation of what looks like a matrix movie scene. Like there's a lot of dumb shit on the internet you could and should be mad at. This isn't it at all man. 

But since I'm like in the middle of rap at my age it doesn't mean I know everyone in existence neither. Like there's DJ's I've never heard of, So sue me. That goes for rappers too. I study this game but I don't know everything. And I'm still learning because I'm a fan of the culture. All parts of it.. the obvious self snitching to the o.d. singing harmonics and autotune. I don't complain anymore I just vibe and go with the flow. And you should too... 

Skank dollar's top 25 rappers of all time

1. The notorious B.i.G. 

2. 2 pac 

3. Jay z 

4. Eminem 

5. Prodigy 

6. Nas 

7. T.i.

8. Styles p

9. Jadakiss 

10. Dmx 

11. Kanye west 

12. Fabulous 

13. Lil wayne

14. Redman

15. Scarface 

16. Dr dre

17. Methodman 

18. Talib kweli 

19. 50 cent

20. Snoop dogg

21. Lil kim 

22. Kendrick lamar 

23. Pusha-t 

24. Young Jeezy 

25. Drake


Honorable mentions



Childish Gambino

Lupe fiasco 

Common sense 


Busta rhymes 

Gucci mane 

Chris rivers


Uncle murder  

Sheet louch

Pimp c

Big punisher 


Lloyd banks


Trick daddy 



Meek mill

lil baby

lil durk

Da baby

Beanie segal


Mos Def (Yasin bey)

Meek Mill

Rick ross


Andre 3000

French montana

Max B

Jim jones

Big daddy kane

Krs one

Ll cool j

Ghostface killer



Malice (Before group break up)


Skank dollar's top 25 rap groups of all time

1. The clipse

2. A tribe called quest

3. Mobb deep

4. The lox

5. N.W.A.

6. Wu tang clan 

7. G- unit

8. The hot boys 

7. Wave gang/coke boys 

8. Methodman & Redman 

9. BG & soilger slim 

10. Dipset 

11. State property 

12. The juice crew 

13. Black hippie 

14. Outkast

15. The fugees 

16. Camp lo

17. Terror Squad 


19. C.T.E.

20. 1017 bricksquad 

21. Capone & Noreaga

22. Young money 

23. 8ball & mjg 

24. Ugk

25. Slaughterhouse 



Honorable mentions 


D 12


Playas circle/ DTP

Field mob 

Asap mob 

Run dmc



The ghetto boys 


Pete rock & Cl smooth

The lost boys

The firm

Skank dollar's top 25 DJ'S of all time

1. Dj kay slay

2. Dj self 

3. Dj clue

4. Dj stretch Armstrong 

5. Dj enuff

6. Dj funk master flex

7. Dj envy 

8. Dj Lazy k

9. Dj Bobby trends 

10. Dj kool herc 

11. Dj green lantern 

12 Dj kool kid 

13. Dj drama 

14. Dj scratch 

15. Dj kid capri

16. Mr magic 

17. Dj Evil Dee 

18. Dj whoo kid

19. Dj Khaled 

20. Dj o.p. 

21. Dj prostyle 

22. kool Dj red alert

23. Dj Clark Kent 


25. Dj premire 



Honorable mentions 



Pete rock 

Dj statik selektah 

Dj n.o. 

Dj meat 

Dj robskeet 

Lil jon 

Dj Ty 

Dj styles 

Dj Tim Westwood 

Dj Superstar jay

Dj love dinero

Dj luv bug starsky

Finally weed is legalized in nyc

Finally, it has happened. 
it is something I predicted in Instagram and Facebook posts. It is maybe the only thing I won't blame the Obama administration for. though I still think it was a ploy to earn the trust of black people specifically inner-city youth and adults. I mean hey he's a politician.
but whatever though Obama is long gone and even trump too. Back here in NYC, the people have been fighting for legalization for years. and in 2021 is happened as you may know. Here's the thing with me personally, "I can't get high anymore" like WTF man?!?!? 
I don't know what it is. Like I thought maybe it could be the internet or something like that. But I'm pissed!! I guess what I'm getting is trash. But on the plus side, I don't need weed to rap anymore like millions of m.c's around the globe. I mean I could always get drunk and hit the mic. I mean it's not the same but it's something. I give it to mayor Cuomo for being the bigger man. So many black people get locked up for weed it's bananas. I feel good but my weed charges were always petty so it's nothing to worry about for me.

Enter the Phony Investigation


Most people aren’t aware that police are always working. It’s like an ongoing thing if you look at it. This section is to remind you to watch out for the Phony investigation. The type of investigation that is ongoing is about bullshit. You can be jaywalking and they are working hard on your ass. Imagine having a girlfriend who’s a detective, it would be like that but worse. How would you get free? You’d always be under arrest. Fuck the sex man your under arrest when it’s all said and done. Phony investigations are killing our hoods and relationships. Imagine someone posing as someone or something useful. They have unlimited resources because they're cops on the low man!

A phony investigation can lead to real ones being singled out by phony nigga and no one knowing who's real. So in the year 2020, I say watch your friends. Even teens watch your friends. Military pulls teens out of high school, they're not exempt. You might get lucky and have someone watching your back but that’s one in a million. Work is hard to come by, and these are the perfect instigation times. I wrote this to help my fans and friends I know are not the law. I’m not saying hate the law, I’m just saying be aware of the phony investigation. At least somebody cared enough to warn you.

This is

What is Cointelpro? Remember I said a bunch of kids cutting school smoking weed and learning real nigga shit? That is my part of town. We are still like this, no matter what color or creed.

Follow the link in the photo


Live from da Underground Update Summer 2023

New Pieces Coming Soon!
until then, check our back stories archive

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You might've noticed about me that I am quite the scientist. Although I dropped out of school, I never let my passion for the subject fade. When you're growing up in the ghetto, the street teachers actually smoke the weed with you so. You know. 
Anyway like I've said in my previous pieces, I wanted to assist the said, scorn Jezebel's of society. So I've created a Streetfighter 2 RPG out of the well-known all-female model site. I'm also creating a scientific field called Sexology. Seriously man, in the ghetto we celebrate our women no matter what walks of life they have walked. So instead of me sitting back waiting for tagged inboxes that never reply even if you VIP yourself, or a corny Facebook friends scheme that only has the mass unsocial network breathing down your throat for notifications. Why not try something different? Why not spend some money? I hate to say it but once you reach a certain age while the internet is aware of your maturity, Be prepared to be sold some shit. Seriously it's called research studies, or clinical research. You're a transaction away from buying something. What we don't expect is how much we are buying each other. Unfortunately, prostitution has grown at a higher level than in the '80s '90s 2000's and the 10's it's almost 2020. I was watching the view the other day and Whoopi reiterated her thoughts on prostitutes. She like, it should've been legal a while ago. So it can't be the worst thing in the world. But I am dead ass in the future about a lot of things man. Whaaaa!!! I love the Ghost in the shell and stuff like that. So new technology is always a lure for me. This, what I am showing you isn't exactly new but it's cool to me and would be to you too if you were more aware. This site is one of many, but I'm using this one below, being This is something I should enjoy on my own and keep a secret. I don't because I wouldn't be much of a journalist if I did, would I?. When I rap I intend on hitting from all corners of thought if any.
These girls are all models scattered around the world. They are given special vibrators that gyrate at the click or tip of a viewer. Shit, it's like the old-school Coin show turned digital... DOPE! 
I'm in the LL Cool J Video right now man... shit... 
I professionally deal with women like this as an independent underground artist. Love your job or don't do it at all...

Check this out... 


You might've

You might've also noticed that a lot of women are streaming online via Instagram and Facebook as well. That's all good and dandy but these women are making money. It's a lot more respectable from my end, I be in the strip clubs. At the same time, it's not all that safe, it has its hazards like transgenders *politically correct term* and whatnot, try to ease and squeeze their selves into the network but that has come to be all networks you just have gotta be careful whom you add. There is still a safety net out of this world. I mean your looking at the individual live rite? nothing to worry about right? Now as you know, skank is like that of a scientist. So I scan and comb the site for "Augmented Reality" And sure enough they tried to catch me too. well, a duh riiiii.. So Skank whats is this augmented reality you ask? 

A Lighter version of this is when you're playing Pokemon Go. An even lighter version is as simple as a Hologram. Decide this if you're on a site and something appears unusual about a person, photoshop can come into question today. But remember the 90's? sheeeit... I think I saw the pope praying to an upside-down cross while eating babies (lol). Basically, you'd believe anything back in such a time.
WebCam Modeling has also settled my extreme urge to chat like back in the day. Yahoo is dead, AOL is dead. The gram is whack and actually rap lyrics. *SMH*... All that shit that we used as single attractive people kinda just turned into product placement. Like, let's just stop thousands of people and shove another Myspace in their faces. But a Myspace you pay for. You know, all the sites you said you'd never use. Well, this site I choose to play with because it's virtually uncensored and sends you directly to the opposite sex. Most of the models are out of reach as they appear and some are stalking ninja women, but you may never hear or meet them for real and for only a dub, $20 for life, you can talk to whom your hearts desire. Me personally I'm a freak and flirt. Above as you can see I've created some type of freaky "freak for all" on my end. But you can flip shit however you like. Check our Connect pal (Disabled 2019) for some of the best of the best from my end. And to any bartender/Stripper in association with or Live from da T.r.a.p, This is for you. Double your hustle instead of camming for free The same way you back-page behind your man or boyfriend back you can cam model. You welcome in case you wonder why my name keeps getting brought up. This site is fun as hell and worth the $20 bucks you'll spend at first for a lifetime membership. And to my ladies out in the struggle, struggle less..I'll be sending those Live from da T.r.a.p Tee's to you soon. OWWW!
Touch Chun Li To Sign Up Ladies! 

in the following months, I will be examining these women and this website. For now, Check out our first character selection sponsored in part by Skank Dollar | Live from da T.r.a.p. 
Watch me explain the rules to the sexual RPG on our Ustream account all Month. Ladies your body is yours to do what you please with it, But remember that all the love isn't real. 

To Be Continued...






Character Select  

Okay maybe you might need that SFII Viagra to keep  up with some   of these women (-_o).

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Skank Dollar is not a model

Even with my simple baby background I still don't consider my self a model or anything close. But for emphasis on my lyrical ability, I play along. Really, I am a model agent under the table and I can help you in your quest. This is also why it's good to maintain healthy relationships and not to burn bridges. I don't consider my self a model because of how I grew up. I grew up being made fun of just for being Haitian alone. But as a child, I suffered from an illness called eczema. Illness's kids don't understand. This made growing up difficult. Because I didn't have a real childhood. The condition covered my face before I was nearly killed by a Crown Victoria that actually struck my face.*FUCK* So imagine that sort of life for a child? In school children don't know any better. Having a face covered in scared, marks, sores, flaking, it's not easy. A normal childhood goes out the window. Below I've shown you some of the places I lived in.. My story is pretty deep. Doctors ran my mom around for years until "I CURED MY SELF!" discovered the cure for my born illness. That's why there is no mercy for foreign people in America because if the woman didn't know anything, no one would show her. All they might've seen was an attractive Haitian woman.  So below via this photo link, I have for you my latest photo set because I always knew I looked okay but I knew you wouldn't understand why I am the way I am. I am only being an example of what I can do for you when I do this. So take as many shots you please and enjoy.  This set was shot by Arken Avan. Contact us if you enjoy his work. 

UNLOCKING ALL THE Skank Dollar  Lairs

240 East 18th Street

240 East 18th Street

590 Parkside avenue

590 Parkside avenue

5 Parkside ct

5 Parkside ct

15 Crooke avenue

15 Crooke avenue

540 Ocean Avenue

540 Ocean Avenue

612 Ocean avenue

612 Ocean avenue

150 East 18th street

150 East 18th street

131 21st street

131 21st street

201 Linden BLVD

201 Linden BLVD

229 East 18th street

229 East 18th street

100 woodruff avenue

100 woodruff avenue

499 Ocean avenue

499 Ocean avenue

25 Parade place

25 Parade place

2023 Bedford rd

2023 Bedford rd

What I have before you is some of the places I created my self in. Places where I grew up, met girls an fucked, Hustled and all. this is something my real fans would enjoy more. some of my old girlfriends maybe.? Me, I just think it's a cool way to show you how much I've repped my hood and others. These are a few for starters unlabeled. I will add more as time progresses because we are Live from da T.r.a.p! 


The Hip Hop Police Documentary

Being that I'm in the game now finally(not at all really), it's time to explore the possible root of my own personal stress. Why is it that women have such a difficult time reaching @Skankdollar? how is it we artists have to buy our views or pay to perform so much? 
some of your hecklers and opposing artists are hip-hop police and some don't even know they are. The D's are their own world so even strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes are not exempt. Police also have a habit of setting brothers up with transsexuals, they expose and sell nudes and private photos, and they can steal music material, as well as concepts.
Now, this is all from a street nigga perspective, I know individuals for all of the above and we all know the ones who've quote on quote "made it" in the places they're in. The circumstances........
All the publicized B.S. about artist. Some so bad we forget there loaded. 
it's a bitch man. But if your smart, your happy there isn't a major news publication airing you out regularly. You can do it yourself with Facebook. 
I'm installing in you a conscious forefront defense. When you diss rappers as a rapper especially to move up, you move them up. because you might be doing their job for them and that's stopping another street nigga from making more than them.
who are respected more in all communities honestly? Rappers/Artist or Police/Military?
So wise up! There's a war going on outside and some of us are on both sides... 
Not @SkankDollar II Bitch! I Don't fuck with Hip Hop POLICE!

The Live From Da T.r.a.p after hours / Live from da T.r.a.p No Mercy 

Skank Dollar The Super Baby!

       Dj Kool Herc & The Zulu                           Nation 

I've had the honor of kicking it with some of rap and hip hop's elite. But nobody I've met is on a level like this one. The Legend DJ KOOL HERC! You know we are all in the future doing futuristic things right, but this guy is such a G that when he's booked for a jam, uses his own equipment for one and he carries his own speakers. I know this for a fact because I helped him. something people at a time would've killed for. Funny as hell I originally met him at the ultimate JAM MASTER JAY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. which is like every Dj in New York's second birthday. Just like my Second Birthday in August for my sibling Skank Dollar Erasmus. The DJs of NYC Celebrate JMJ every year while unsuspecting groupies and thots pull up to another party not knowing. 

yes, baby January 21st. where I originally met Pharaoh Herc.

he was also at the 42nd and 43rd annual ZULU NATION anniversary held every year since. That year my eyes couldn't focus being so star-struck. I guess this year would be 44,45, or 46 I don't know yet I'm just writing. But for my older family, I wanted to show them that I never had my life goals figured out. but I know I was born ten years after this guy had the magical idea of using the second turntable at a party lol... Son, I'm mad Netflix canceled that show based on hip hop's pioneers as well but dead ass I think I'm a part of my own hip-hop story and true story it's far from over. being that I helped a couple of other people make it besides myself. I'm not there yet guys, I still have a 9 to 5, girl problems, and my living is up and down. I'm still in the ghetto after all of this and more I'm gonna show you over time. but first salute DJ KOOL HERC, LIL CEASE, PAUL CAIN, TYANNA WALLACE, LIL SNS, DAY 26, MOBB DEEP, FOXY BROWN, and many others...


from Skank Dollar II Champs De Mars, The Super Baby



What's up Hip-hop heads and freak chicks. You are back in the ending months of's 30-year anniversary of me. The Legacy is known as the skank. This story had to start somewhere and I'm on some Star Wars shit about it. Because you see me but you don't know shit about me. I mean I can only let you know what I want you to know while others put pieces together on their own. Champs De Mars Skank Dollar is what I'm titling myself because 30 years ago a young man from Haiti decided to Shoot a film in my old Brooklyn apartment. To save money he used some of my older family members as extra's. Nobody to my knowledge really collected any real money from the project but the thought and heart of the act may have opened doors for my older loved ones and their endeavors. By highlighting this in my adulthood I encourage my young members to go out in the world and do something positive that will last for generations, for I cannot always highlight the negatives of our lives. So from here with this post, I am saying shout out to Mr. Peck and his brother because for years I knew I had star power deep within but know what of harnessing it. With rap, I managed to gain the cockiness required to shine as an M.C. no bullshit I was in the street entertaining cats for years alone with rap as a drifter in a sense. I've met many street hustlers and rappers. it's only been since 2015 I started meeting more rappers than I thought I could ever. So much I pulled back and slowed down. Mr. Peck is the former arts administrator for Haiti. How he got there is for you to follow up on, but you are here right now. I'm still nonexistent in a sense to hip hop. But I'm a trap rapper from Boombap that actually did it so why would anything be easy?   


2017 is 20 years After life after Death. The Notorious B.i.G. Celebration!

the notorious Skank Dollar  

Ready To Grind 


This March

This March 2017 There will Be many Celebrations Honoring the Hip-hop legend. Do You, Especially if your city wants to be on the map for rap... Go hard and rep hip-hop in your own way... this is mine... I like their idea of repping because I used to trap with a fly ass Tupac jacket (UGH!! Junior mafia)...


Stay up all, we all grinding out is love. (MAFIOSO) 




What's Goody (UGH) I'm adding wild ad-libs to this section for no reason. (what) because I'm a fucking weed head and lover of golden-era hip-hop. Back in time via my Ustream podcast, I expressed my love for the great hip-hop pioneers and their influence. I'm talking about throughout the course of my own life... (UGH) So this year 2017 I'm making sure my nicca 20 years afterlife after death to show full support and respect to the legend... I mean the whole shebang, man... Below I have for you a link if your fingers aren't too tired from trolling the net. I tend to call myself the super baby for my undeniable art and cultural background...but her man... this cutie, she the super baby... keep the title... I don't care anymore.. shout out T'yanna Wallace. Daughter of the great legend The Notorious B.I.G. (UGH)


I told shorty I'm gonna show this to my kids... When I think about it... Being in my hood of East Flatbush Brooklyn all the way down to Overtown Florida that's a lot of kids. I even told my men in war, That I'm coming home to pull up on the Biggie 2pac memorial out in over town if it's still there... Question!!!!! what do you know about the King And I Notorious B.I.G. and faith evens album?? Yo seriously what I have on display via the link below is some Notoriously inspired clothing from the young Boss of all Bosses. I'm about to grab some gear myself and you do the same... these new weirdo rappers have been violating the legacy of many legends. including 2 Pac and living legends as well. Don't get too wrapped up in the tricks and fakes of the net. what your witnessing is very real. dead ass... yes... It's me Chris aka New York... aka Skank Dollar Erasmus!! 

If ass ran my world

 I would've gone to jail beating somebody up for violating my woman. I would've been locked up for probably smacking a disrespectful highly conceited stripper or porno star. (I don't ever raise my hands to women that's why I rap about it. So it would be a shock to people) Or I would've got caught up by one of them transexuals people purposely put ass on and dress up. yes, some people just have that much money. Why do you think I refer to Ru Paul purposely to remind the youth that some funny style shit like that has been out since before the 90's Real Nigga Shit !. Pick up that USA Tape Available now. The underworld is crazy man. Picture this... We live in a world where a man can change himself into a woman from head to toe with enough money. Not just a woman but a big booty woman. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
So I'm watching my old favorite movie Fled, 96 release Lawrence Fishburn and Billy Baldwin. And then it hit me .. so I referred to Ru Paul on purpose on my "maria" joint like a hashtag since that's what people respect. To remind young black, Latino, and white men for real. Because if you can switch from a man to a woman. then think about those women that go out of their way to lead women from men. like a feminist. we can't respect them anymore or trust them because some might not even be women, to begin with... A man respects ass so much that gay people and certain women like Extreme feminists or "Dykes" use it against us so much. THAT MUCH!.. look at your Instagram all you do is follow booty. honestly, I am weak to booty too. you hear my music. But not Stupid.. wake up black America. The KKK is destroying us.

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I would've gone to jail beating somebody up for violating my woman. I would've been locked up for probably smacking a disrespectful highly conceited stripper or porno star. (I don't ever raise my hands to women that's why I rap about it. So it would be a shock to people) Or I would've got caught up by one of them transexuals people purposely put ass on and dress up. yes, some people just have that much money. Why do you think I refer to Ru Paul purposely to remind the youth that some funny style shit like that has been out since before the 90's Real Nigga Shit !. Pick up that USA Tape Available now. The underworld is crazy man. Picture this... We live in a world where a man can change himself into a woman from head to toe with enough money. Not just a woman but a big booty woman. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
So I'm watching my old favorite movie Fled, 96 release Lawrence Fishburn and Billy Baldwin. And then it hit me .. so I referred to Ru Paul on purpose on my "maria" joint like a hashtag since that's what people respect. To remind young black, Latino, and white men for real. Because if you can switch from a man to a woman. then think about those women that go out of their way to lead women from men. like a feminist. we can't respect them anymore or trust them because some might not even be women, to begin with... A man respects ass so much that gay people and certain women like Extreme feminists or "Dykes" use it against us so much. THAT MUCH!.. look at your Instagram all you do is follow booty. honestly, I am weak to booty too. you hear my music. But not Stupid.. wake up black America. The KKK is destroying us.

Guy Richie Subtilted Sam hurd -The second  Look 2018  


Original article published 2016


Written and Arranged by Skank Dollar 
Do you know what being the best or nice is? doing things that you're to be respected for but not cashing in on or sweating anybody else about. I openly did this track on my UStream Channel L.F.D.TRA.P.
Just to show people how nice I've been for years after my first mixtape was Sabotaged for Commercial rapper lackeys and hired goons. You know how that shit goes. Everybody has tried before and the same kind of people come thru trying to burst your bubble. The video above is originally for a house music techno song but this is the closest I will ever get to that genre being a rapper. It just fit man. look at it. It's art in its purest form. 
Guy Ritchie, one of the illest European filmmakers of the last 2 decades, and Sam Hurd the Chicago bears WR. But more less Sam Hurd is also a metaphor for uncle sam. I know you feel me because my nigga got knocked the worse way man. YEA I AM THAT MUCH OF A FOOTBALL FAN!
anyhoo you supported and here you go. The fuzz is tryna make me buy my fan base. wow, cowards... They try to make me buy what's been there but the streets know what time it is though. Shout out to all the people that were in the original video and all the people involved with putting it in front of me to see. I have seen it and peeped game. it's only art Y'all.. hip hop, and life without art is boring












It also appears since it's August 8th Facebook and youtube premieres this song and video has inspired some good and bad. for one, it is a very violent video and an even more offensive song.
but as intended it served a major purpose in showing my versatility as a rapper/m.c. it's really my beach party song, to be honest. and it's so much a lure that people will expect more of this from me. I laugh but, I also doubt it, and we will see... Like I laugh out loud but it's not even funny how this video might've affected the minds of many young and old. Or maybe it was a plan to screw me up and make my song get ripped off the net?. I gotta see how Miami beach treats me upon my arrival again. 
on a serious note, I would like for the victims of this crazy crime to rest in peace for which this story aired a staggering 20 days later on all major news outlets including ABC's good morning America.

another incarnate influence of guy Richie subtitled sam hurd was the 2016 April release of the major motion film Hardcore Henry. In fact, what makes this even spookier is that it was released on April 8th in American theaters and had been said to only last a week in theaters.. well not on the street guys. that shit went every fucking where!!!
to the good people who put together, bad motherfucker thank you again because that video was not on youtube until I did my hip hop mash-up masterpiece. and I hope a lot of wild wet white girl sex happens to the song and tune. 


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