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THE LGBT AGENDA Part two The Obama Deception

December 24th, 2017 Grows even stronger since one year ago.

I will never support this Puppet willingly. The man did many good things to cover up one obvious bad one. Gay marriage in America is evil and wrong. It's not moving black people forward or people in general. It's white supremacy moving forward. Why do you think Donald trump burned and exposed him during his candidacy? TAXES? Why if there still rich. All of em man, they will get over it. The homosexual thing is bad man and getting out of hand. For one this is my 4th time writing this piece over (facebook). wow man damn.. message! ya know?. Anyway on t.v. I just watched one of the dopest or maybe the dopest lyricist in NY, Being Papoose in the gayest VH-1 commercial I've ever seen. The Christmas one where they show there shows an shit. BUT WHY!?! You mean to tell me money will make you agree to that? Your one of!?! We watched them destroy Kanye West and other proud back personalities. Man, I'm not even scared of the light no more honestly... you gotta stand up for shit that makes sense like Colin Kaepernick...

I know about lovable gay women and stuff, Dykes and what not. But you gotta realized that lesbians are wronged women in the first place. There heartbroken before a guy is even looked at... They have more traces of male DNA from there parents, so they think less of themselves..... I just had to show my girl who thought she was like, a hermaphrodite in a sense, that she is a born woman and eats too much junk food. Baby, you have 2 kids ya know. Why do you think natural food is so expensive? You don't think there is a cure for Homosexuality? I've cured it many times before with this dick... I feel that I've saved NY once from the stupidest mindset ever. FACTO, The Health boards of America used to declare Homosexuality a mental disorder. Now it's HIP AND COOL!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!!!! GTFOH!

I'm in the gym working out and more than half of the music being house echo has homosexual subject matter. All the black men around don't notice at all workout and leave...

Look if you don't like my opinion on the world around us or on out t.v. screens Y'all can delete me and move on.. I'm not telling you to listen to me or my music. I'm just doing me. MERRY CHRISTMAS! on This Christmas EVE!. Guys remember some of these survival tactics. #1 women don't have Adams apples no matter what, and #2 men don't get periods. I'm doing this because of the growth of cosmetic surgery in the last ten years alone fucking terrifying man... I don't talk about this stuff much in my music and maybe never will but there are two sides to every booklet so don't assume too much these days. Know right from wrong because the lines are highly blurred. God is good and Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and happy Hanukah.


Look if you don't like my opinion on the world around us or on out t.v. screens yall can delete me and move on.. I'm not telling you to listen to me or my music... I'm just doing me. MERRY CHRISTMAS! on This Christmas EVE! Live from da T.r.a.p! back stories and articles

2014 & 2015


This Doc has really touched me deeply because it feels like all the facts were extracted from my analytical brain. Saying I told you so isn't the best feeling. As a human being or BE-ING, you just want to live in peace an harmony, this I know to be a universal fact. But when you cut on the Disney channel and you're watching a televison program litterally program. "Hey, I have two mommy's" casually. like it was nothing, to begin with. Before you know it they'll be two daddies and a black baby the new hit series. I have nothing against the multibillion-dollar entertainment corporation. They may obviously be getting with the times in their heads, but I'm not so accepting of the times like most. You can call us small time right now. But Television is powerful. I so recently watched television take a girl we promoted for being one Cardi B to superstardom because of the power of television. Very happy for her by the way but she isn't the subject. Perhaps her dike counterpart (No name).

People I'm like that of a Dred so I really don't support gay-friendly material. And when an artist gets gay-friendly, I get moving because that type of stuff might've got Jesus set up. What the hell are we doing in society these days? it's so fucking contradicting that I had to drop a graph. Our first black president was so gay-friendly it opened a portal to hell via CNN. then the new president (Christian as fuck!) tries to undo all he has done. Good luck with that, white people actually look like the underdogs for once. 

My outrage is for a lot of things. I also loathe the fact that this article alone may affect my pussy rate for years to come. for one I'm not having sex with transgenders like sooooooooo many bozos's have done. you guys supported young MA but she clearly burned more than half of you when she said "IT'S A MAN HE DON'T KNOW THOUGH" she burned you on a technicality. I do this for all the real niggas that prepared me for it as a child and teen man. I had to learn how to deal with rejection growing up. Today I walk up boldly on any woman if the atmosphere is right. social networks don't work for me anymore and harbor to many homosexuals. they'll forever be trying to trick and lure you into danger. it's the closing months of 2017 and the LGBT has destroyed Bobby Valentino and other great fucking artists. I'm fucking pissed man.  You got these people Classifying themselves as a legit creed. That's fucking nasty man. You got about 50 years since the marching in Selma. And black people look like they are at the forefront of sexual delinquency. On the real, it's very shameful. But I cannot control the actions of another soul. I can, on the other hand, influence my fans to do what's right and enjoy the short life we live. we each have a 100 years of life but won't make it to it. So all of this is really for your kids. Why would you encourage young women to act like boys, so they can switch back and forth to play them later? What kind of devil shit is that? you can't toggle your gender GTFOH.  That shit's gonna get people killed man. people will lose loved ones over this I promise. I've once stated already via Live from da T.r.a.p on Facebook that HOMOSEXUALITY IS WAR, an now it's warfare. you shouldn't be at war with your self-youngins. love is right around the corner. The same love we risk heaven and hell for already. Don't seal the deal with the devil on some same-sex shit man. Homosexuality is a declared mental disorder. They removed it then added Homophobia instead. so that screws the normal people like you and me. Look, man, this shit has been getting out of hand for a while.. watch this complex video featuring west coast artist Murs. 

The Victoria's secret Fashion show


Did You Listen To my Garden of Eden? okay good! Let me give you some more insight like Rap Genius. First off, I wrote this exactly like how I described. In fact, I'm smoked out right now even. Anyway, I wrote this thinking about my ex and some of my lady friends. I used to be the kind of guy to chase the big fat booty chick. But these days you kinda just grow up and begin thinking with a form of logic. Like, damn my girl is bad enough to show off but then again I'm not rich enough to keep her. Or maybe I'm not good looking enough to keep her so let me try to treat her right. After a while, I found my self looking like this. This Song is my stripper/prostitute Paid In Full. But I'm the trick. I want you to visualize Spike Lee's She's Gotta have it, Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver, And Ice Cube's The Player's Club in one. This site and article have been updated for 2018. Everything is still in motion.

Singing about Mos Def aka Yasin Bey, singing about Gregory Issacs. I had the stupid face on when i realized i was going through this. Also you can learn from this video as Def gets up to cover his T.V. of all things. Look at how old this video is so pay attention to your surroundings. Attention is free, it doesn't cost you anything. So since my mind set has changed dramatically, my song The Garden of Eden, is for the other kind of bad bitch. Like, every woman is beautiful. But runway women are really really beautiful. And a lot of them are regular females. You ever see some of these women with no make up?!? Thats okay because i'm a regular guy. And REAL GUYS GO FOR REAL DOWN TO MARS GIRLS!! HA YEAH!! 

My chances of getting with a model right now are slim. But creating a model isn't. So this is an open Challenge to all aspiring models. Come find me. Come find skanky and i will put you in my video or video's. don't ask me how, just trust me.

Like The Video For my Song THE GARDEN OF EDEN, in which i'm Working on by my self like everything else i do.

Did you know that Cellphones have the power to kill us. 


"Okay, I can not expect you to live on your phone/

That shit could kill you with Cancer, Waves To ya Dome/

I really tell my girls things like this because I love her/



Silah, silah kings and queens. pharaohs and empresses. I am back again to give you more insight on my next mixtape I might be pushing back further from my Guardian Angel day to a more less fall/winter thing I don't know yet. I'm just loving the process though. Watching people move around me in the big city. Women see me and I can see a hunger in they face only a naked man could describe. ow! Anyway, this track a lil sol is my favorite out of my more softer work or light work. I wanted to come with that early 90's Pharcyde souls of mischief vibe again dig?. wait until you hear my 90's inspired "U" remix to Blackmon's Don't front remix. Taking it back to the essence on some barry white shit. Y'all gotta forgive me Y'all I be singing to my childhood an shit. Come on man Started in her mind to get her back right? lol.


Anyway, a lil sol is my homage I pointed out once already and I will again... But I like to spit facts. And since this whole shit's sponsored by me, a simple street nigga from Brooklyn. I'm a show you what I mean ma or ladies I should say. Brothers take notes. 

If your girl is on her phone too much, run away because later she'll be trying to track you from her shit. Talking about website phone tracker an shit. It really works man!

Writing a lil sol, I originally wrote radiation (WAVES TO YA DOME) but then in my mind, the rhyme would have not came out so smoothly ya know.

Imagine a fucking phone being so hot in ya pocket causing you to go sterile? SHIT! AND SHIT AGAIN MAN!! MY NUTZ!!

kids your favorite hero doesn't have a sex problem. It's kinda like the sex getting to my bedroom problem. And skanky doesn't live on his phone you feel me!?!

Must be the pigs again. 

You gotta try harder to catch up to Spider-Skank ladies. Check out this old video from 2014. If you could be tracked for your actual phone services to work which would make sense, then somebody could slow roast cook you ass too.

deep huh? Just a theory of mine honestly.





According to new research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, certain cellphones may be exposing us to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation.


Published in the Biochemical Journal, the study found that a single use of specific cellphones for just 15 minutes can trigger brain cell changes associated with cancerous cell division.



Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the National Institutes of Health, National Toxicology Program, stated:


“As of now, with only 10-12 years exposure, and use increased dramatically, there is a concern of the increase in brain cancer, related to use.”


He also went on to add that children skulls allow deeper penetration of radiation and could pose a greater risk.


Above are the top 5 phones with the highest radiation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!




fake ass track phones and shit from Florida and the south. I'm about to revert back to using pigeons. 






Feds Try To Keep me in a Digital Cell!

A while Back in 2007 a movie called the esoteric agenda was released and basically fucked the head up of every rebel from Flatbush Brooklyn to well..... Where ever Edward Snowden is hiding. And at some point, the documentary-style film begins to speak on a more law enforced society or more Marshal law type of society. In this section, I will give you my evaluation. watch them now and get your rebel mindset going. In your brain, there is a fist up. rebel! Knowledge is power!

The movie I've shown you above under the heading is called Say good by to uncle tom. A movie filmed back in the more retro America, the seventies. In that film, it shows that some slaves during trading and selling had their heads kept in BIRD CAGES. These are facts backed by books people. That's why i tell your kids to stay in school during my show. Because today the digital cell is wicked and ruthless. Well for one, we could blame the obvious like social media. In fact, the Twitter logo is a bird it's self so you put two and two together. But it's way deeper than that. Some people are highly addicted to twitter and what not. Other websites that promise dating or love or finding friends and family are so much regulated i find my self here on my own website. Why pay for something you promote as a free thing? so here i am. Showing the world what i would've just taught one woman. Make sense now? GOOD! Lets continue! But how does this cell apply to me individually right? I mean can't you just get off the internet? It's not that easy. By now in my opinion the whole world is in a cell. In our minds we are in a cell. Racism, homophobia, greed, jealousy, envy, sexual lust. yea i know. but first, you need to watch more consciousness to get on my level. Because I've been getting I.M.'s since 2010 when Haiti was destroyed by a massive 7.0 earthquake. Man, i cried so hard, for so so long about it. But from my own studies, I began to call this shit instant messaging from the sky. Before you think I'm crazy, watch all of these films your self like I did YEARS ago! Then follow the link below.

I can show you many more examples of the digital cell. Even though I sing about computer loving and all that mess which is nice. There is a negative to this shit. I'm tired of being regulated and watched outside of my show. I'm tired of being profiled in such a way. Where I'm on a CBS show dig? Me I guess I have to deal with my own personal fame, you I suggest you turn back now and remove your self from the internet. There is this kind of pressure I cannot explain so well. Me, I'm an artist. I rap about it like lightly throughout my tracks recorded and now, via Live From Da T.R.A.P. This movement to me is my own zeitgeist but musically. No matter how much the internet around me lies you cannot tell me otherwise. I am around the world. It was on the original zeitgeist website where I saw the actual soft i.d. chips that crystallize and get hard in your veins. Tell me what does mankind need with such technology? We are black.. that shit in a black mans eyes and mind is the devil in the flesh working against us. In every Christain/Catholic church in the world Jesus has a ring around his head, like this form of light. What if man was able to measure that? If the military could watch everyone like for example a mission on the hit video game Call of Duty then your stalking and not protecting. watching someone when they are not aware then being a judge, picture that!?! And if so that means you are trying to read my mind, my life. If man could measure another mans soul he would. Why are Americans so hard on Muslims? I AM NOT A MUSLIM BUT I RESPECT THEM ANYWAY! That is what you'd call tolerance. Accepting homosexuals and making it seem okay to children slowly through television programming, THATS NOT TOLERANCE, IT'S EVIL! That is something i could show you examples of as well. When you listen to Skank Dollar II, i want you to understand that there is to sides to every book. Like some would figure by now, i am aware of that digital cell, aware of the world around me. We are stepping into the future but don't be so accepting of all new things that are introduced into use. Remember that America was also introduced to us. But hey! maybe that's not the case and maybe I am completely wrong. Maybe i am playing with fire, but you know what? At least i got up and rebelled when somebody played with me. Some people have blind ambition, not me, not skank.. You know my slave name man. Somebody played with me for amusement and I took it there. So when people get up and say fuck the police and protest insane radical situations like Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner understand why. In Vietnam, it was said the U.S. military used radio waves in this war to disarm their opponents. What a way to mess with one's head.. To disarm a regular inner-city street neighborhood... It's so fucked up no wonder we lost that war. Look at the amount of black people that fought in that war. I could imagine the type of control that is demanded. Today in the modern time the American Navy uses sonar and what not right? What if radio waves was used in the war in the middle east? Please i don't want to further elaborate. I just want my freedom as an American , a artist , and a black man. I pay for this website out of my own pocket so understand i don't do this for nothing. I would like to feel free in the country i was born in. But instead i live in fear. Why should i create children to have them grow up in a cell? what I've expressed to you is something all of us should fear. Black, Latino, Asian, and White. I NEED LOVE, SHOW ME LOVE OR I WILL LEAVE THE UNITED STATES.





WATCH THE VIDEO TO THE TOP LEFT OF THIS KKK PHOTO OR SHUT THE FUCK UP AND THANK SKANK DOLLAR WHEN YOU MEET HIM MA. BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU WAS HEARING VOICES AND SHIT. YOU LOVE SKANKY NOW MA... YOU AIN'T EVEN REALIZE HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING AND SMOKING TRYING TO JUSTIFY IT. BUT I FEEL YOU THOUGH. Now imagine how this stuff looks to a person still in the ghetto? To a person like myself? What you think I do music for? During the time of my mothers birth on an island being regulated by white people you think they didn't do music to help them get over being oppressed? Seriously, It's overwhelming. So to all my Blood, Crips, and kings in the street, you already know b. Here's that old messaged from the very thriving and now commercial KKK that dropped back in 2011 or so in G.A. of all places. Since we have a better understanding lets move on With Sound boy Killah answers no kings Dot Com!

The Marvel Universe Meets Hip-Hop

Okay, my guys, I look crazy huh? yea i know. But not as crazy as I look in public doing this. 

somebody actually almost forced my hand like this.. which would've been too enjoyable an not worth the fight in the first place so I kinda just walked off. You know I try to rap things in hopes of changing minds for a better purpose. kinda like a hashtag ya know? that has me keeping my subject matter mixed up. so this is kind of a friendly warning to all listeners. if you're white I'm sorry too. that's all I'm saying. I have white friends and I say cracker a lot lol...

my country folk knows how I feel. 

Next, off I think that Marvel comics recognizing hip-hop is just dope. because thousands of inner city youth still look to there imagination as an escape. I was a kid buying comics before I was lured into the negatives of street life. A lot of us rap also as an escape. me I'm still swinging and crawling. Heh, a lot of rappers like to play the superhero. it's been done and we've seen it over the years. I know I'm late... wild late...

If you spot skanky in new york city please please don't be shy because I will pull my shit down and curve the holy fuck out of you heheheh j/p

seriously just speak up..

yo S.T. WHUDDP!!!

that's pretty much it man.. I gotta city to save from weirdo lawmakers and crooked rap police.

 I plan on giving you two new tapes in the following weeks. my recording time has been limited so give me some time. I keep pushing things back but I'm no different from the real peter parker.

I still have bills to pay guys.

I enjoy what I do and there are evildoers who want me to quit.


Skank Dollar's #TNYTS

The Amazing Skank Dollar

One of my favorite shows HBO's Vice

The new world order isn't so bad. Right? right? okay, fuck no man. The revolution is being televised on purpose. wow huh?

Welp I know I know. But nobody is perfect. New York city is not perfect. But I somehow by the good graces of God, I manage. On skank Dollar.Com we are very interactive. Hey you hear this shit I'm kicking. "anything you won chat bout comment above"!!!!. If you on ya jack whatever you touch is to the next story, event, music, or real nigga shit. Yeah, I love my fans that much. Got the live from da T.R.AP. App coming soon also. parental discretion is strongly advised. in other words, watch your kids!. Skank Dollar's Live from Da T.R.A.P is brought to you in part by Thugs And paid for by Thugs Like You.

Rest In Peace to Eric Gardner

Food For Thought

   When Will Skanky Return With the Hardest smoked out freestyle And Written Rap Session Live From Da T.R.A.P.? Even The Good People At You UStream Ponder That One. Spider-Man on Your Playbill is Still on Broadway Making women Wet In Large Numbers. All You Have To Do Ladies is have The Courage To Approach him. Because he is Follows The New Rules Which permits Him To Chase Any pussy Before Money. 

Yup, It's That Real. 

So Pick Up The Best Underground Rap Hip Hop C.D. of The Year Skank Dollar's Change For A Dollar The United Streets of America Above and below roll a Legal Joint Get A Drink a Find Chick And Let her Give You A Personal Lap Dance. Then Y'all Count That Money together. 

This is Real American underground street hop purposely intended to soothe your ears. Brooklyn style with a touch of Harlem and Queens. Slowly Blended with Southern Dirty South CarShow Music. 

I Found The Ghost of Frank Sinatra.






Yo buy a skank dollar Arab (T-Shirt in the dirty south ghetto) from me people... This app allows me to place anything on a T-Shirt so let us start with the reason I rap in the first place. holla at me and I'll get ya logo up or your favorite model stripper or porno star. TALK ABOUT A HUSTLER HUH GUYS AN DOLLS!! LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT NYC!

I do this for the love of rap and g shit.. yo link me and I will get you whatever you want on a T-shirt even your favorite Thot Chick lol.. hit the links man... click an touch away!




The New York Times Tape Remastered


Okay, in all honesty, I am aware my first mixtape TNYTS was not much of a great CD. but it was an ode to hip-hop in its greatest form. The Kinda broke as fuck in the street somewhere form. It was easily sabotaged and downgraded sound wise. Wild hacks I guess. It's all good man. I know I violated, crossed mad lines and shit. But I didn't plan to make any money off of music. It wasn't for sale. Nobody buys music like he or she used to. if you hot you hot if you not you not. I originally did this shit for me. Because I got tired of listening to people. Eventually, your gonna feel like me and find some skank dollar shit or better.

So with TNYTS Remastered, I plan on making some track substitutions and clearer verses. yo, why not son?? By now I deserve a better street debate due to cornball rap police. It's hard to protect ya shit sometimes so back your music up, my advice.

Even on this shit, It's hard to protect. niggas will hack you up mad and gay as shit. Keep putting typos in my shit hoe ass. At least I have a grip on my music career if any.

Same theme, less slurred styles, and more of a CD vibe.

This is coming with my own 80 blocks from Tiffany's as well.

Why not man? you only live once. Yea I took this photo of the net but it fits my theme man. I hope y'all ladies like that Channel Tape Aka #TheUSAtape

Cop That below for 11 bucks and grab an Arab if you fuck with me. Show the Fuzz the streets still run all the worlds cities.

Skank Dollar | Live From Da T.R.A.P.Com

I heard I'm still influencing more hip hop related things besides music. don't worry I been peeped game. 

but ain't nothing like the real thing baby.

The best Live stream returns Soon.. stay tuned to twitter also my advice on that note.


People that try to stay on me from the feds are wack and you will never get my sex that way



My Asian is like really really bad also guys I'm sorry lol.. hahahahaha..  

The Black Panter Assata Shakur

Being that I'm in the game now finally, it's time to explore the possible root of my own personal stress. Why is it that women have such a difficult time reaching @Skankdollar? how is it we artist have to buy our own views or pay to perform so much? 

some of your hecklers and opposing artist are hip-hop police and some don't even know they are. The D's are their own world so even strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes are not exempt. Police also have a habit of setting brothers up with them and, they expose and sell nudes and private photo's, and they can steal music material, as well as concepts.

Now, this is all from a street nigga perspective, I know individuals for all of the above and we all have known the ones who've quote on quote "made it" in the places they'er in.  The circumstances........

All the publicized B.S. about an artist. Some so bad we forget there loaded. 
it's a bitch man. But if your smart, your happy their isn't a major news publication airing you out regularly. You can do it your self with facebook. 

I'm installing in you a conscious forefront defense. When you diss rappers as a rapper especially to move up, you move them up. because you might be doing their job for them and that's stopping another street nigga from making more than them.

who are respected more in all communities honestly? Rappers/Artist or Police/Military?

So wise up! There's a war going on outside and some of us are on both sides... 

Not @SkankDollar II Bitch! I Don't fuck with Hip Hop POLICE!


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