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2014 & 2015


What's going on world welcome to skank Dollar Com. Slash Live From Da T.R.A.P.Com! 


About 14 years ago my brother passed and basically turned me into a worse version of himself over the years. I choose to do music as an escape from the reality of a lost loved one. Today I try to help others deal with losses but you can do only so much.


So now I am also doing a lot of heavy club promo. for any ladies looking to dance but are too shy to speak for their selves allow to be of service.


this summer 16 I am keeping things as brief, and as brief as brief can be.

I have been injured since September 2015 so making new music is on the shelf as of the moment. but along my journey of up's and down's I cannot explain through this publication all I've been through, I will say this. You have to go through some things so you can become stronger for it.

not exactly everything but some things. and be thankful for your endurance of it.


I don't get as much time as I'd like to write to my real fans and not just people looking for moments to bring you down like social network stalkers. There's more out in the world besides Instagram and snap chat.. oh and ladies I'm not joining snapchat (Written 2016) I'm sorry... to the real lovers of hip-hop, lives. Since I am now a worldwide known indie, expect music video's by way of me for some of the least expected of my tracks.

that means you can get a TNYT'S music video randomly. The  Skank dollar team is grown as well as the more country, Live from da t.r.a.p movement. yes, guys, it's two different things by way of me and my hip-hop spirit. 

why I keep saying Live from da t.r.a.p. will come to light as soon as soon gets. 

Soon I will unveil a  small circle of super people like my self that help us understand and love rap music for what it is forever... 

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Enter David Ruffin


Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights - Skank Dollar

#7 Hot Summer Nights!!!

Hey you like that tune playing in the background? So do i because it's me. it's even been customized personally FOR me. but the melody you hear in the background is a Legend and knows himself a thing about groups that part ways. This surfboards original track was David Ruffin's Can't get enough. I fucking love that song man. Shit, I'm not an old guy... I'm young as shit that has to mean something. Next thing man is this is the dude from the temptations. why do you think it sounds so dope for.. you hear them breaks? yea baby that shit wavy!. I'm nothing close to a singer so as a kid the songs like ''my girl'' and music of that nature are influential and historic. So what I've done in my own form is my own form of homage in another way. Below WAS a Doc on the legend of R&B music But I think his people actually got up n took it off of youtube because of the show itself.... Anyway, on the track, you hear how I'm simply another child running wild like most of us have been. Theirs so much more to my story and track as well but I'm not sweating that now. Can't Get Enough is my tune I'm vibing to in the background. By the way man that lady on the cover of that old record with him was bad AS FUCK! SON WOW B WTF.. I need to stop because that's somebody grandma or something now. To continue on with hot summer nights. I wrote it thinking about an old friend for real Who went by the Name Bobby.. A friend of mine who was giving a 25 to life sentence for a real gun charge back in the dirty.. not just him but a bunch of guys you will never meet..You may know me for my home in Brooklyn but I've really moved around with many Groups, gangs, cliques, and yes Kennels, a place where you'd house a bunch of dogs or cats. like a dog house or lions den. So the first two verses are like a basic everyday description of an everyday thing because when you on ya grind it's an everyday thing that don't stop. even when we'd get knocked we'd get up and go right back to our spot. This track is a celebration of my adolescence and young adulthood. I honestly wish i could've done better with my life but this is how you make lemonade..    

#7 Hot Summer Nights!!!

Timberland Boots (TIMBERLAND BOOTS!)

I believe the movie the 5 heartbeats was inspired by the story of the temptations and David Ruffin. Like Dave would be Eddie Kane who was like the wild showboat one. "Oh okay, so none of y'all niggas fucking with Eddie Kane" No Eddie we are not because you're on crack and other things.

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight The talented side of this man besides, you know made for t.v. drama type B.S. I think everyone is facing real soon.. Just wait on the Bill Cosby story and shit right? Like they ain't air his ass out enough. I don't believe it, but really I don't wanna believe those allegations and news stories. anyway AGAIN, The hot summer nights thing is me being a new yorker flexing somewhere else. not knowing how shit works, learning, surviving, and working out situations I can't describe in one or two songs in the end. "HOT SUMMER NIGHTS TIMBERLAND BOOTS" in south Florida Timberland clothing outlets run wild. Tims in south Florida go by the penny.. ahem I'm a NEW YORKER SELLING CRACK WHERE I CAN BUY TIMS FOR A DUB!. WHAT THE FUCK SON.. I'm surprised I came home. I also made sure crack and work money brought me every style of Tim boot like you'd buy every retro pair of Jordans for your Latina or little sister hehe. "TIMBERLAND BOOTS!"

all these songs are really are old stories. But don't expect me to stay back in time forever.. we are just getting warmed up. now, your hearing my exclusive Music on my site. word. and biggup the legend, David Ruffin.    




some people are old fashioned and cannot advance with the times.. I like the fact that the world is changing for the greater. But if you didn't notice I fear a police state. In the future, we seemingly give up our freedom and privacy like it's nothing.. like not even for money or nothing anymore man .. like the millions of people calling the Kardashians dumb or something are actually dumbist because they're getting paid racks man. your just blogging about it...

so you're giving your self up for free... 

don't feel to bad look at me. I look like a fucking hypocrite... 

But in the future, everything isn't so bad. fewer illnesses and such ya know. People are thriving. 

let us take a look at some wild shit. 




Haiti.. 5 years after The Earthquake &

The Usa Tape



 For five years I've been trying to show people that the earthquake that rocked the Republic of Haiti, in my opinion, was a form of warfare. That wasn't my first conclusion. When the island Wait, Republic of Haiti was about to fall i was recovering from the lost of Micheal Jackson remember it was only a few months prior. I'm not sure if it's Micheal Jackson dying by the hands of a Haitian doctor. Or just Black people in the world in general. To me Micheal Jackson is that big, loved, and favored in the world. Look from my perspective for once. Because in my country I'm like an Ant to like Micheal Jackson's back up dancers cousins daughter an shit. make sense? that's not a black or Haitian thing. Anyway black people in the world are rough b. Everybody is racist negative and sometimes so reverse racist white people remind us, then everything starts over. Haiti to me is a Land Bullied like a lot of  Middle Eastern and African places. Raped of Resources plagued by famine and civil war and downright FUCKED UP!.  They said billions went into building this land i still have yet to visit because I'm an American prisoner born into slavery still. (See the diagram above b)

So after all this stuff i posted on my infamous facebook page Live From Da T.R.A.P. what would you come to believe growing up American. I'd like to remind the world that we had to sit back and watch other ridiculous things in media like O.j. Simpson getting off an shit. Then Eventually go back to jail. That nigga killed that bitch man he's o.j. Simpson Man!! She tried to use him for money bottom line AND she cheated b.. C'mon Son. Anyway what if in today's time tiger woods got gangster. He's a gazillionaire you don't think he could of put some old worn brake pads in her SUV? (BITCH YOU WASN'T ON THE GREEN WITH ME! (like bitch you wasn't with me shooting in the gym an shit lol.)

My point is why should i trust America or the government based on what I've seen coming up. What we have all seen. You see i can make this noise about Haiti again but what can i do to help them really? I'm not Wyclef who's probably donated so much of his time and money they might've ganged up on him. Or The Haitian president a former artist himself. man if my people die I don't wanna hear no fucking song man. and they did bitch!. I can't even sing about that if i wanted to without the same old kind of snakes getting in my way. It's all good though.. I've spent so much time showing people stuff they dropped out of school knowing but not realizing it so much that I had to revert back to a dumber state of mind and fucking rap it! ummm sorry rap guys you know what i'm saying too. Next show i'm going krs one with the chalk board.

my point is the damage is done and even though i have my life here in America i'm not satisfide and personally i can't live that shit down. I am not police or military but the whole world knows my name now. Just so you could understand what i understood watching micheal for 6 months before haiti's destruction. "ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US!" It's just facts... In my homeland i do have a royal bloodline. But in America i'm poor! a peasent! Born into poverty and this form of digital slavery that starts with t.v. and radio. OKAY I LOOK HYPOCRITICAL RITE? well i'm a slave to the rhythm.

I don't do this for money, sex, love, respect, non of these things... for kids.. kids you will never know or meet peace.

I do this because someone got really racist a long time ago over me in a higher place and i cannot reach that far. All i can do is this.. 

The first stoopid booty historically.


 The story of this woman touched me a while ago... I just wanna show women that there is to sides to every book. And yea like any normal man I expect nothing but the best. But honestly what is best because ass isn't every man's world. What about a fat brain???

Fat pocketbook??

A nice rack doesn't hurt too.

Anyway your body being your last resort isn't your fault and honestly, I don't judge women that use their body to get paid or ahead with the number of homosexuals male and female in America alone. REALLLLY LONG SENTENCE. Also, remember that your city no matter how big it is, it is a really small world man. there are millions of women like this feeling they have to do certain things for money. I understand. I'm not one to judge, I sold drugs when things got really hard and they still are.

So shout out to them thots out in the world because that's the new saying out in the streets.. well here is the origin. "OH NO I'M LEARNING!?! MY HEAD HURTS!!"

For real man, I still have a love for every black venus

and that is sincere from champs da mars!

Live from da T.R.A.P.




tracks like Showtime and Eden are for you

The mind is a terrible thing to waste



 The holographic universe is what I am studying as a hobby. because my last hobby (RAP) might become my profession one day. I don't consider my self a conscious rapper.. especially because I watch all of this type of shit. but I would because of the simple things in life I feel good about, like life its self.. imagine being envious of somebody with millions and a bunch of girls when that is simply a shadow of what they want to worshipping material shit. I'm off doing that...

I'm on a higher spiritual ya feel me. honestly, this is the stuff I get lifted to.. I don't have much to say about it since it simply speaks for it self.. just watch. you'll feel a little smarter by the time you are done. 

I surf a spiritual wave baby!! 

Black Spirituality



Yo, I just wanna say Knowledge to my Brothers and Sisters on the NGE side of things. Salaam 2 my Akz in Islam - Can't forget my Ridahs in the BPP‪#‎PowerToThePpl‬ and ‪#‎Hotep‬ to my Kemetic Fam. I say that to say this : UNITY is key. I got game/jewels from every sect and get upset when I see NOI vs. NGE forums. Need I remind u what the FBI did to the Panthers before they became Bloods and Crips. Or should I remind u that CRIP stood for "Community Revolution In Progress " as PIRU stood for "Protocol Initiates Righteous Unity"? U wonder why the Rap Game now has so-called Bloods cross-dressing and calling other men "Hubby". Anywho, now has it been more crucial for all of us to unify. Rep yo set and study ya lessons but let's not cut each other's throat as to who is more righteous than who. When we argue/bicker... The GOVERNMENT ( not Caucasian or Homosexual ppl - let's get that CLEAR ) creates the agendas and strategies to further the Genocide of a lost/beautiful ppl.‪#‎NEFU‬




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